Stories by Sarah

Descriptions of several children’s stories are here, as will be the first three chapters of a completed novelette. Let me know if you’d like to see more. This is under construction and everything will be available soon.

STREAMS OF SILK –a 200-page completed novelette. A gentle stream of consciousness about 17-year-old Jodi, who was a well-liked high school basketball player until she was ostracized from her small town community for something she didn’t do—narking on her championship basketball team. Alone, and muddling through each day, she goes through the motions of school, church and even waitressing, until she rightly assumes that only she is observing somethings in life. Only she can act on these new actions in nature, spirituality and community–and until she does, she’ll never truly be free of her past.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

THE CRANE AND THE WOODPECKERan approximately 450-word short story about true friendship and being who God made you to be.

FREDDIE THE FLY AND THE OTHER SIDEan approximately 340-word short story about trying to enjoy less than God intends for you, until God shows you the true gift of life.

Have fun reading this story out loud, with it’s Zzzlurp, zzzlurp, zzzlurps, and Freddie’s “fazzzter than the birds, fazzzter than the wind” repetition. Reading out loud FREDDIE THE FLY AND THE OTHER SIDE also lets kids guess where Freddie is located in the house or what animals he is by–like the  bow-wowzer!

HIDDEN TREEan approximately 270-word short story about a tree giving hope, shelter and renewal to the scared and desperate forest animals around her.