Speaking Engagements

Sarah gives her talk, LIFE with Hospice Care, about her journey with a benign (non-cancerous) brain tumor diagnosed in 2001. LIFE with Hospice Care can be shared as a sermon message, small group presentation or talk.

After two brain surgeries and a permanent shunt, Sarah and her family opted for no more surgeries in 2014. Surgery is no longer an option now, and doctors say death is imminent. Sarah and her family find LIFE in each given moment, regardless of how long or short that time may be. It’s been almost two years since she expected death.

Sarah and her family regularly attend Lutheran churches in the Fargo area, and Sarah grew up as a daughter of an ELCA pastor. Sarah graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, with a Master’s of Art in Theology (2005) and a Master’s of Art in Intercultural Studies (2007).

The cost of this talk is similar to the cost of a pulpit supply speaker, around $250, but no invitation to speak will be refused based on a lesser reimbursement. Sarah and her family have their home-base in Fargo, North Dakota, and just ask that mileage be paid. She is not able to lead worship services at this time due to limited energy.