Shark Week is Coming! Shark Week is Coming! (*insert the Jaws theme-song here*)

Okay, for the purpose of this child-friendly Reverie of a Picture Book Blog, make that title FRIENDLY, usually-SMILING-sharks. I’m not going to include sharks that attack swimmers in South Carolina. How very, very awful.

My three-year-old girl M identifies friendly-sharks whenever she sees friendly-sharks in a book, on TV, in stuffed animal collections or anywhere…like THE LIBRARY!

Story Time with Miss Sparkles

Story Time with Miss Sparkles at the Bismarck Public Library

This started a couple weeks ago, when Miss Sparkles of the Bismarck Public Library hosted a puppet show with a friendly-shark and read books about friendly sharks.

Friendly-sharks are the ones that smile, are often found illustrated in children’s books, kind puppet shows or are ones that don’t make anyone afraid of the water. Of course! If there were not friendly-sharks, we’d have more reasons for a toddler saying he or she wants to avoid washing hair, bath time in general, or swimming lessons! Groan. Haha.

M’s interest in friendly-sharks (I wouldn’t call it fascination–yet) got me thinking about Shark Week—something I had barely ever thought about previously. You know, that week that you hear about on Facebook, but have no clue what Shark Week is all about? Turns out, I guess Shark Week is a week of TV that Discovery Channel hosts, all about, you guessed it, sharks.

Shark Week on Discovery Channel

As a veteran parent of only three years, I was relieved to find out, Phew, we did NOT miss Shark Week—yet. Ha-ha. For some people, Shark Week is a big deal. For me, not so much. EVER. Except now. I was thinking about my toddler’s interest in friendly sharks and how I could easily get some shark books from the library and do a shark-craft that week–without ever actually watching TV and those probably not-so-friendly sharks. Heck, there might even be some shark books around here in the apartment somewhere…

Shark Week is HERE for Reverie of a Picturebook

So, I was relieved to find out we had not missed Shark Week yet. Shark Week starts this year on Sunday, July 5th–(the early part of July–every year). I say this now because we all need a little time to prepare, right? Ha! I’m joking , kinda. Everyone needs time to prepare FOR ANYTHING, even if a person and parent need a couple months or a whole year to avoid Shark Week! But if you’re like me, sometimes you want to participate in a good idea like Shark Week, you know, for the kids, not yourself. You want to accomplish so much in life and for children, but there isn’t always enough time in the day.

That being said,

–IF you have time for one shark book, or a week of shark books and shark-y activities,

–IF you’re interested in sharing a theme of sharks with your neighbor’s kid, grandchild, or your own

Shark Books for Kids

–IF you have your own interest and proclivity towards this dorsal finned fiend of the sea,

here are some book ideas and links on my Pinterest site about sharks and/or friendly, smiling sharks!

Cupcake Liner Shark

Here’s a friendly and free countdown to Shark Week from another site:
Link to countdown

Shark Week Countdown

Plus, I have to include a shout-out to one of the most famous survivors of a horrible shark attack, Bethany Hamilton of the book and great, family-friendly movie, Soul Surfer.

Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton

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