I Like BIG Books–and I Cannot Lie (TRY getting THAT tune out of your head…!)

Maybe you know a certain 90’s song well. Maybe you actually danced to it, or heard it on the radio, OWNED it (if you can admit it without embarrassment!), or just heard it on an old episode of Friends when Baby Emma couldn’t sleep.

There exists a song about big, um, “body parts” and I am shamelessly pandering it and editing it because I can, and because well, I like BIG BOOKS and I cannot lie.

What is a big book? Well, one that can’t fit on your bookshelf of course. I have a couple, but I leave the really big books to my Bismarck library. Bismarck Public Library is awesome and has a whole section of children’s big books with its own area.

Big Books for Reverie of a Picture Book

See the difference? If you squint your eyes really tightly, there’s a TINY book next to the BIG book.

I remember how much I liked Big Books as a kid, and how much I like Big Books now. Big Books are different, Big Books don’t fit explanation or fit your bookshelf, and Big Books are not just a “thick” book.

Thick books were cool too, if you liked to read as a child. Remember the first thick book you read as a child? Thick Books were quite an accomplishment. Or maybe you consulted the dictionary for a homework assignment. The dictionary was a thick book.

But BIG books are even better.

Check out my Big Books Pinterest Page for more links to big books! Or click below.

Big Books for Reverie of a Picture Book PINTEREST page

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