Writing and Drawing IN Children’s Books–Perish the thought?

By now you know I heart children’s books, and I’ve been known to stop at a rummage sale or two…(or three or…you get the idea!)

Well, combining the two likes of children’s books and rummage sales, I’ve acquired a very sizable collection of children’s books, in addition to children’s books I’ve received as gifts, my own purchases of children’s books at (almost) full price and my childhood remnants.

Deep Bookcase for Reverie of a Picture Book

Just a fraction of the wonderful tomes I’ve found, or that have found me! Notice anything strange about these titles? (Hint: rotation…)

Sometimes themes emerge as I attempt to organize the children’s books–award winners, favorites, size of teeny tiny ones to children’s books taller than my little girl…hard cover, soft cover. Sometimes I just judge a book by its cover and just “like” it instantly. Sometimes a book reminds me of someone I adore–like Dad who collects eggs made of all materials.

Dad Book for Reverie of a Picture Book

I found this book at a recent yard sale of a retiring teacher. I immediately thought of my Dad the egg collector. What an unusual and wonderful story–a bonus to any find where I judge a book by its cover!

What I have also learned is that my little girl also has affinities for books–particularly ones that beckon for her to draw in them–whether she should or not. Mark asked me if I had found any coloring books for her yet. Yes, I have, but I want to wait to give them to her because it is too much fun to see what she creates on her own–usually on paper–sometimes, well, NOT on paper I appreciate. *grimace*

Wipe Off Books for Reverie of  a Picture Book

But I have handed these over–my collection of “Wipe-Off” books. At 2 1/2 years old, M likes to makes oodles of doodles, that I like to think are the beginnings of lettering. I don’t correct. I don’t guide at this point. It’s the process, not the product as MaryAnn Kohl is known to encourage.

Mary Anns Books 2014

One of Ms. Kohl’s wonderful books! I heart them all.

So when I reviewed my ideas for blog subjects and saw “Writing in Children’s Books–Perish the Thought” I first cringed, Then, right before me was my daughter happily drawing and focusing. Occasionally, she asks in her simple vernacular, “Here?”, as in, “Is it okay for me to draw in this book, and over here in this book?” She usually doesn’t ask though, and I find a marker (a very washable one, I might add…) soaking into whatever material wherever she left the colored marker.


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