The World’s Largest Holstein Cow and Children’s Books

Mark, M and I  ate lunch in neighboring Mandan at an old fashioned soda fountain. My two loves shared a chocolate malt and a piping hot bowl of yummy chili. I enjoyed a delicious Rachel sandwich.

That’s when Mark said, Hey, let’s take Old Red Trail to New Salem, see the giant Holstein cow, and catch some yard sales in town. It’s only a half hour away.

So we drove the scenic and hilly route, and enjoyed this view seeming to wait for us.

Clouds with Mark and M for Reverie of a Picture Book

But wait! What does this have to do with children’s books? Or is this just a daydream made reality, per Reverie of a Picture Book’s tagline, “and other daydreams…”

On the drive back, I wondered too, until I thought of my purchases of 25 cents each. A board book, and two middle grade books that had significance to me when I was in elementary school.

A Photo of My Purchase of Diggers for Reverie of a Picture Book

New Salem Purchases for Reverie of a Picture Book

Children’s books–I can’t get far from them even when I don’t remember them, but I always do–eventually.

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