Day 30: The Finish Line…to be continued!

In just a few hours, November will officially be over, thus ending Picture Book Idea Month for this year. Hold on! This is also the eve of December’s commencement–the first day of the rest of your writing life.

A Symbolic Photo of the Wonderful and Great Advice from the Movie Almost Famous, "Don't Take Drugs"

And of course, Don’t Take Drugs!

Be diligent, have fun. That’s been my mantra for this month, and how I wanna continue.

These last couple days, though, as you know, I didn’t publish what I wrote for Reverie of a Picture Book. Life took different turns and I found myself busy and uninterested in publishing a daily post. However, I still recognize it as important–all the more so! I have a dream that I will post ALL the first lines of Caldecott Medal winners. I have dreams of returning to my weekly-ish post that seems so do-able after posting nearly each day of November. (What’s once-ish a week?)

I learned I could write daily and be better for it. I saw growth, progress, development and many of their synonyms. This attainable goal of writing and posting daily was all the more so when I had focus, parameters and vision–when I knew what I wanted to write. What a lesson for me.

May we all move, no write– forward boldly, and go where no writer has gone previously.


Peace out, November. I won’t miss you, but I liked you a whole lot and learned even more.

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