Finishing What Is Started–PiBoIdMo Has Officially Begun!

This is not my blank.

Fill in the blank with your own original ending to this sentence and you may have what it takes to be on your way to participating in the challenge, “Picture Book Idea Month”. After reading about PiBoIdMo on Tara Lazar’s blog, you may say to yourself, 30 DAYS OF CREATING 30 IDEAS FOR CHILDREN’S PICTURE BOOKS–HOW FUN! HOW THRILLING! HOW…yikes, it really is challenging. That’s a lot of days and a lot of ideas in the midst of work, family and, well, life…

Read on though! “This is not my________________,” is not officially part of Picture Book Idea Month, at all. This is just one of my own ways of stimulating ideas…Ideas that might lead to pictures in my mind…Pictures in my mind that might lead to story lines, that might lead to nothing that had to do with the original prompt, that might lead to a book, that might lead to…who knows!


Yep, I’m celebrating and participating in Picture Book Idea Month, or PiBoIdMo, by officially participating myself, as well as providing daily writing prompts here on Reverie of a Picture Book. Cool thing is, each writing prompt is based on a Caldecott Award Winner*, like the one above based on the first line (and specifically the title, in this post) of “This is Not My Hat”, by Jon Klassen.

As you probably know, *Caldecott Awards are mostly known as those gold stickers splashed on children’s books for the best American illustrations.

Caldecott Medal on Saint George and the Dragon Retold by Margaret Hodges & Illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman

I’ve noticed, however, that the majority of best illustration awards are part of quality, well written books. Thus, the connection to PiBoIdMo… I’ve learned so much from Caldecott Award Winners–as a child who had teachers and parents who chose and read these award winning books, as well as an adult reading for enjoyment, for the history and evolution of picture books, and perhaps even as fodder as a future author.

Perhaps YOU are a present or future author. Perhaps you would simply enjoy this trip down the lane of Picture Book History!

30+ Caldecott First Lines & 30 PiBo Ideas!

Each day in November, I will share one or two first lines of Caldecott Award winning children’s books, of recent or not so recent (the awards go back over 70 years). My sentences with blanks can be used as writing prompts or for you to create an idea (or a story!) of your own. Simply write a word to complete the prompt and let your original, creative recipe for orange juice be freshly squeezed** with additional sentences or images or…____________. (**That’s supposed to be a creative twist on “let the juices flow”. Eh, I tried.)

This is not my hat

This prompt is loosely based on the title and first line of the 2013 Caldecott Award Winner, “This is Not My Hat” by Jon Klassen, published by Candlewick Press, 2012. The first line is, “This hat is not mine.” 

Friendly disclaimer & clarification: This post is inspired by PiBoIdMo, but not affiliated with PiBoIdMo.

Hey, COMMENT and  leave your own ideas for writing prompts if you’d like!

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