Ode to Curious George–Activity Links

Before being introduced to Curious George books, I had a stuffed animal monkey, with some kind of polyester fur that would fall off in chunks. I must have been three-years-old because we still lived in Maine. (We moved by the time I was four.) Anyway, this stuffed monkey with no name inspired me to ask for a real pet monkey. I was told “No”, of course, in no uncertain way, with the explanation that a pet monkey makes too much of a mess and would probably bite me and everyone else.

Ode to Curious George Photo

Soooo, you can imagine that when I was later introduced to Curious George books, I was quite CURIOUS about these books about a grown man allowed to have a pet monkey and name him George. WITH NO BITE MARKS IN SIGHT! (Heehee.)

As I reflect on these wonderfully illustrated and written books of George’s antics, I remembered something. It was not just that this Man with the Yellow Hat (which the PBS subtitles appear to have nicknamed TED…) kept George as his own, but that George, who appeared to be a kid to me then and now, and allowed a lot more independence than I was in my younger years. That’s the heart of it for me, a grown man with a pet monkey and a little monkey allowed to do what every kids dreams of doing—making messes and roaming freely with ne’er a “No” or a “Come Back Right Now, I Mean It”. Or a bite mark, I might add.

This blog is dedicated to the curious, bite-less monkey George and his creators Margret Rey and H. A. Rey. These links are some of my favorite Curious George-inspired activities and Curious George-inspired links:

Here’s a great link on lesson plan ideas using Curious George books. Great questions, vocabulary highlights and more. Thank you Picture Book Teacher’s Edition for your resourceful blog!

I just thought this was great, Curious George in another language! I’m sure there are other languages out there, too, but this one is in YIDDISH! Oi vey, love it!


Finally, perhaps I have saved the best link as my last one for this post.  I have thrilled at blogging and virtually meeting other bloggers. One of the fun and surprising dynamics is to come across something I have thought of posting, or have written in rough draft form, and find it already on someone else’s blog before I get a chance to publish it as my own! Thus is the case with ABC books and Curious George, but I love what the blog’s illustrious author MM has done with it, more than I would-of, could-of, should-of!

Curious George Learns The Alphabet @the blog of Lost and Found Books

Let me know if you have any other Curious George resources. Also, did anyone else think that the Man with the Yellow Hat was named Ted?

2 thoughts on “Ode to Curious George–Activity Links

  1. Love your post, love Curious George! I too find I am thinking about something for my blog, and lo and behold someone else will blog about it…great minds think alike, and there is lots of room to share ideas in the blogosphere!! Though I am blushing at being called an “Illustrious author”. You are too kind, but it’s just me, and you can call me just plain old Anne. Not illustrious in any way! Cheers!

  2. Oh Anne, you are too funny about blushing. Haha! Plus, you’re obviously a fast reader. I am not surprised at the funniness or the fast reader. I wonder if I got your initials wrong by misreading a comment! ANNE it is! Onward to more posts, for the both of us. 🙂

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