What’s Your Earliest Memory of a Book?

M and Grandma S read

“When M fusses, I can read her two board books. But when I try to read the third, she eats it.” Grandma S

Meet my beloved friend, M. She’s my newest and foremost reason to read my favorite picture books aloud and discover new titles. Okay, she’s my daughter too, but when it comes to reading, I hope I am her mentor, in a way. I want to share my years of good-reads and contribute to her fresh ones.

M’s been listening to me read since the womb, and finally got to “see” the illustrations at a few days old. Her personal collection of books grows weekly, through gifts from family or friends, and library visits. I am enthralled by her natural interest, as well as her other fascinations, of course, like her enthusiasm for blocks, food and climbing furniture.

M’s interest in books changed when she began to crawl; she no longer sat still and appeared attentive as I read to her. Books themselves continue to interest her, but she considers them more as toys and occasionally as sources of vibrant pictures and colors. I’ll take any interest. I want her to enjoy them and know early on that they are often connected to the feeling of delight. I anticipate the day she discovers that those scribbles on the page—the words, mean something and she begins the adventure of reading.

There was a time when I thought that any interest in books would start when she’s older. Even if they function as teething rings for now, children’s books continue to teach me…

What’s your earliest memory of a book?

5 thoughts on “What’s Your Earliest Memory of a Book?

  1. Hi Sarah, This looks like fun-) My earliest recollection of a book (and in my day they were not plentiful like today, but still very important), there are 2 that come to mind, one about Mr Brown and Mr Black that I memorized and another, Busy Timmy that I found on line and gave to my grandsons when they were smaller. Some of my son’s first words were “Read. Mommy, Read!”.

    • Oh Lois, this is wonderful! I’m going to look up those titles. I love hearing what influenced people, and what children choose to memorize. (Mark’s 3-year-old niece memorized a children’s book, and it floored me!) And it warms my heart for you to share, “Read. Mommy, Read!” Thank you!!

  2. I’ve been consulting my library’s copy of “Collecting Little Golden Books” (includes other series) by Steve Santi (which I happen to have on hand!). Sure enough, “Busy Timmy” is in there, but not “Mr. Brown and Mr. Black”. I looked under other titles, too, like “The Wonder Book of Mr. Brown…” There are, however, numerous titles that are missing from this collector’s book. He has the number in the series, so knows there are other books, but doesn’t have the titles. It looks like YOU might have a title, but perhaps not the series number! I will keep my eye open for “Mr. Brown…”, as I see a lot of vintage children’s books at yard sales!

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